The story behind Sitechange

We felt your pain, and built something better

Why Sitechange?

We built what we needed

Like you, we run a web agency, churning out websites on the regular. The thing about website projects is they’re never really finished. Clients continue to need things tweaked and pages added. Well, you know how it goes.

We tried using services like Zendesk and other run-of-the-mill helpdesk software, but that really only gets you half of the way there. Yes, we could centralize communication with clients so the entire team could work on updates, but we couldn’t efficiently keep track of the time we were spending on each request, and more importantly, account for how much time each client had left during that billing period, without digging through a bunch of internal notes. Sound familiar?

Our tool became a product

Feeling frustrated with the process of fielding maintenance requests, and nothing really solving the problem all that well, we endeavored to build our own tool. We focused on getting the simple things right, like time tracking and organizing requests based on how we work. Standard helpdesks display issues based on when they were received. We wanted to group requests by client and page, so if we’re already working on a site, and there’s more work there to be done, we’ll easily know.

Since we use Sitechange every day, we’ve sorted out what works best for an agency handling maintenance tasks. What started as an internal tool quickly became the interest of several other agency friends of ours. Before long, we had a product that others found useful enough to switch over. If you’re struggling with maintenance requests, why not try Sitechange for yourself?

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