The story behind Sitechange

We felt your pain, and built something better.

Why Sitechange?

We use it ourselves

Like you, we run a web agency, churning out websites on the regular. The funny thing about website projects is they’re never really done. Clients continue to need pages added, copy tweaked, news posted…you know the drill.

We tried using services like Zendesk and other run-of-the-mill helpdesk software, but that only got us half of the way there. Sure, we could centralize communication with clients so the entire team could work on updates, but we couldn’t keep track of the time we were spending on each request, and more importantly, account for how much time each client had left during that billing period, without digging through a bunch of internal notes. Sound familiar?

“Sitechange is the greatest customer service software that I've ever used for handling the recurring needs of web design clients.”

Daniel Monday

Daniel Monday


So, there we were were, feeling frustrated with the process of keeping track of maintenance requests, and nothing really solving the problem well. You can probably guess what happened next. Enter the next big SaaS idea for our agency.

We spent the next couple of months imagining the perfect tool for managing ongoing updates from clients, created multiple prototypes in Invision, and ultimately arrived at what you see today.

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