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Top 8 KPIs Every Web Agency Should Be Tracking in 2022

Mar 02, 2022

We are living in a data-driven era. Corporations, organizations and eCommerce sites base most of their decisions on the data collected by different software, surveys, customer reviews and Google analytics. However, too much data can also be a problem. Why? Because businesses do not know which data is the most important, what it represents and what actions to take based on the gathered data.

How to Position Your Web Design Agency for Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

Dec 20, 2021

With the unveiling of the Metaverse, the continued adoption of blockchain, and the application of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning on the web, we can all agree that the internet’s next evolution is happening.

Website Maintenance: Expectations vs. Reality

Jul 26, 2021

Many web design and web development agencies cringe when they hear a client ask if they also provide website maintenance. It’s a service that is in high demand and one that could be upsold to the majority of clients, but there are several reasons why many shy away from offering it.

How to Prepare Customers for Major Website Updates

Jun 21, 2021

Sometimes a major website update is required to roll out new features or designs or to upgrade the server environment and CMS to stay up to date on potential security vulnerabilities. Regardless of the reason, when an update is rolled out and it will take the website offline for any period of time it’s important that customers are prepared.

What is a Webmaster? What They Do and Why They Are Important.

May 19, 2021

The term “webmaster” may sound a bit outdated, as it’s really not used in job titles these days, but that is due to the role of a webmaster being broken down into several branches. Years ago a webmaster would handle everything, from the design of a website to search engine optimization and copywriting.

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