4 Well-Matched Clients for Your Website Maintenance Services

4 Well-Matched Clients for Your Website Maintenance Services

Jan 01, 2021

Not every client wants the same thing. Some are just interested in SEO and content management support, while others want to contract your agency for everything, including their brand identity, web design, web development, and social media strategy.

Pinpointing the level of ongoing support your clients need once their project wraps can be challenging, though. Oftentimes, they don’t even know themselves.

However, by analyzing your clients’ situations, you can get a good idea of whether or not they’d be well-suited to your website maintenance services. As a start, here are 4 clients you should target with your upsell pitch.


No matter what industry they’re in, entrepreneurs have to wear a lot of hats. They’re their own accountant, sales team, customer support team, and marketing team. Not to mention they create the products and services that generate revenue for their brand.

As a result, these solopreneurs really don’t have time to deal with their website. New landing pages and site upgrades can take days to complete. And small changes like bug fixes can derail them for several hours, putting them behind schedule and forcing them to work later (or earlier) to get caught up.

Offering website maintenance support to your solopreneur clients in the form of a retainer contract takes the stress off of them and gives them peace of mind that their website is being maintained professionally.

Seed, Startup & Growing Businesses

Businesses in the early growth stages have a lot of web-based needs. And many of those needs – from branding and content marketing to web design and mobile app development – are handled by web design agencies.

What they don’t often realize, though, is that their newly designed website needs to be regularly updated, backed up, and added to in order to rank on search engines and provide site visitors with a great user experience.

In this case, delivering website maintenance services to your startup clients can set them up for greater success, as you can tackle all the tasks their team is overlooking and ensure their website is always looking its best. And this gives their small team the freedom to focus on growth hacking and serving their own customers.

eCommerce Brands

Since eCommerce businesses live and die by the success of their website and eCommerce store, they can’t afford to let their content get outdated or slow. Everything must run at peak performance 24/7. But with dozens to hundreds of product pages to manage, this can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming to do.

Providing eCommerce brands with a monthly website maintenance plan solves this by transferring the responsibility for all ongoing analytics, optimization, plugin updates, and website additions to your team. And since you’re the experts, this shift also increases the likelihood that the eCommerce sites you build will rank higher on SERPs too.

Non-Technical Teams

If you have clients without an IT department or a web development team built into their organization, they will need outsourced support for site backups, web security, and website updates from time to time.

Here, you can become a valuable asset to your clients long-term by offering retainer contracts for website maintenance. Your clients can pay you by the hour for your expertise, and you can handle the technical work on your own time.

If your agency designed and developed their site, you’ll also have the inside track on the needed updates, security framework, and design guidelines. This will make it simple for you to handle change requests and support tickets quickly.

Since all of your clients have different needs, it’s hard to know which are well-suited to website maintenance retainer contracts. But by pinpointing your clients’ major pain points and looking at their situation carefully, you can pick out the right ones for your upsell pitch. Many may still choose to handle their website maintenance in-house, but this approach will help you find clients interested in what you have to offer.

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